Slime FAQs

What is slime for?

Slime is a squishy, stretchable ASMR product for ages 12+. It stimulates ones senses with it's texture (touch), scent (smell), colour (sight) and ASMR noises (hearing). It has been proven by scientists to relax and help reduce stress and anxiety and is also a lot of fun to play with. 


What is slime made of?

Slime is made out of PVA Glue (School Glue) and Borax (A natural mineral often used for household cleaning). A chemical reaction occurs when the two substances are mixed creating slime!


What is borax?

Borax is a natural substance similar to baking soda found in household items such as contact lens solution. It however is not safe to consume and we advise anyone with sensitive skin or a skin condition on their hands against purchasing. 


My slime is sticky!

Don't worry! Slime can get sticky (especially in hot weather) or during shipping. This is an easy fix! Use your Slime Glitterz Activator Pen to spray the slime until it reaches your desired consistency. 


My slime is stiff or over activated!

Not a problem! Slime can sometimes feel stiff if played with for an extended period of time or in a cold place. To fix this just leave your slime in a warm place and it will melt back to the best slime consistency. 


The activator made my slime stiff!

Uh Oh! It seems that you may have added too much activator to your slime. But don't worry, just place your slime in a warm place with the lid on and it will soften back. 


My slime won't fit back in it's container!

WOW! Sounds like you have inflated your slime! That's so cool! Don't worry. Try to squeeze and pop the air bubbles out and then try again. If it still doesn't fit then you can put the excess slime in any other air tight container (even a ziplock bag) until the slime deflates back to it's original size.  


My clear slime is no longer clear!

Oh no! This could be for a few reasons. When you play with slime it makes little air bubbles which are so fun, but can be annoying in making your clear slime appear foggy. These bubbles will leave over time so don't worry!


PRO TIP: ALWAYS wash you hands before playing with slime.  Anything on your hands, such as, lotions, crumbs, grease will come off into the slime and ruin it's texture, colour, scent etc.